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To Reveal or Not to Reveal

Writing equals oxygen and breathing has no age limit.                                                                                             […]

A Handful of Flies at Your Table

On staying true to one’s self amid jeers and doubt.                                                                                           […]

The Writer’s Imperative

It’s skydiving. We are taking an enormous risk, and in exchange, we get an enormous high.                                                                               […]

This Isn’t About BlogHer 15

Is it true that strapping young men hand-fed Chicken McNuggets into the mouths of attendees?                                                                                 […]

Exposition to an Epic Love Story

E is for Exposition or Epic, depending on how you choose to read it.                                                                                     […]


My brain was a cluttered room with thoughts thrown about like scattered clothing.                                                                                     […]

On Words and Wordlessness

Letter W is all about words.                                                                                                   […]


Letter Q is for quitting.                                                                                                     […]


Letter P is for the pandemonium in a day and inside a head.                                                                                     […]

Sex Sells and Most of the Time It’s Irrelevant

While this post contains “nudity,” it’s about blogging and not sex.                                                                                         […]