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Exhibitionism or Art?

There’s a surprise in the post, and in the surprise, a first-time public reveal…                                                                                   […]

City Girl, City Brain

There’s a freaked-out, big-eyed child sitting in the back of a cavernous Checker cab, thinking she’s going to be left with nothing.                                                                   […]

Turning Up the Knob on Your Humanity

What if a stranger’s hunger caused the same sense of urgency in us as our mid-afternoon sugar-craving?                                                                             […]

Zenning Out

Letter Z is as much for Zenning out as it is for rocking out.                                                                                   […]

Technology, The Reigning Champ

  Letter T is for technology versus loyalty.                                                                                               […]


Letter Q is for quitting.                                                                                                     […]

A Love Letter

What else was there to do at a retail store where I worked except type love poems to my live-in boyfriend?                                                                     […]