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For My Friend

A goodbye, a thank you and one last discussion.                                                                                             […]

On Romance, Gardens and Pride

Let’s stop being idiots.                                                                                                       […]

The Chase

An homage (part 1).                                                                                                       […]

A Love Letter

What else was there to do at a retail store where I worked except type love poems to my live-in boyfriend?                                                                     […]

Two Skinny Girls Dancing In Fire

Two Skinny Girls Dancing in Fire

The bandages were unpleasing aesthetically when I wore a bikini.                                                                                             […]

The Politics of Thinness

Some people have a love affair with food, while others choose a more business-like arrangement.                                                                                 […]

Father Strumming My Boyfriend’s Ribs

He was my first love, my first lifelong friend, my first everything.                                                                                       […]