I write personal essays, articles, fiction and poetry. These pieces have appeared both online and in print, in literary magazines and anthologies, including in an installment of a NYT bestselling humor series, and a notable mention in Best American Essays 2019. I owe a great portion of movement in this direction to blogging, and feel gratitude toward every single reader.

Contact: h.anvar@gunmetalgeisha.com

“How to Build an Intellectual” (Longreads)
A fish-out-of-water piece about leaving Iran for New York, and ending up on the outside culturally, economically and linguistically.

“Why I Don’t Want to Marry the Man I Love” (Harper’s Bazaar)
Questioning the place of marriage and monogamy in the age of digital dating.

“Head Inside the Head” (Full Grown People)
Rome and the end of love.

“Disconnected” (Cleaver Magazine)
Flash fiction.

“Hair Daze” (Brain Child)
Growing up in Iran and the nation’s interest in hair.

“The Unflinching Mother vs. the Unblinking Sentinel” (Parent.co)
I once lost a child at Disneyland.

“How to Sneak Onto Trains and Dodge Trucks While Untangling a Love Triangle” (Narratively)
An homage to adventuring with my best friend.

“What It Was Like to Be an Iranian-American Woman in NYC on 9/11” (HuffPost)
Real time observations and email exchanges.

“How to Slow Down Time” (HuffPost)
Satire. Big Retail. Unpunctuality.

“Tinder Swiping: The DOs and DON’Ts” (Long Awkward Pause)
Instructional satire on how to swipe.

“La Garde Freinet” (a poem on Outlook Springs)
Unrequited love in a southern French village.

“Scrubs” (a poem on Outlook Springs)
A birth.

“Just You Wait” (performance, Listen to Your Mother)
My mother’s hex gave me a proxy child.

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