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The Bull that Almost Killed Me

B is for the bull I angered.                                                                                                 […]

Mishaps to Amuse You While My Brain Takes A Sabbatical

I’m pretty sure squid ink coming loose on my skin mid-scrub defeats the purpose of soap.                                                                               […]

City Girl, City Brain

There’s a freaked-out, big-eyed child sitting in the back of a cavernous Checker cab, thinking she’s going to be left with nothing.                                                                   […]


Letter P is for the pandemonium in a day and inside a head.                                                                                     […]

Ongoing (Nine Eleven, Part Two)

Letter O is for the ongoing 9/11 correspondence.                                                                                               […]

Nine Eleven

Letter N is for New York on 9/11.                                                                                               […]

The Chase

An homage (part 1).                                                                                                       […]

Two Skinny Girls Taking On Athena

Two Girls Taking On Athena

Discovering fear in myself always felt like an insult and automatically needed to be tackled and eradicated.                                                                             […]

Two Skinny Girls Dancing In Fire

Two Girls Dancing in Fire

The hospital bandages weren’t aesthetically pleasing when I wore a bikini.                                                                                         […]

Travel and Time: The Subway

People, truth, confrontation, my failings, and deserted sketchy streets in the middle of the night, apparently don’t scare me.                                                                         […]