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Stalling on the Edge

Cars swerve around me to the left where there’s only a shoulder, or to the lane on my right, which we collectively hope is clear.                                                             […]

When Rome Was My Lover

Three weeks is an endless loop of time where your sanity drains away from you like liquid in low gravity.                                                                       […]

The Bull that Almost Killed Me

B is for the bull I angered.                                                                                                 […]

Two Skinny Girls Taking On Athena

Two Girls Taking On Athena

Discovering fear in myself always felt like an insult and automatically needed to be tackled and eradicated.                                                                             […]

Two Skinny Girls Dancing In Fire

Two Girls Dancing in Fire

The hospital bandages weren’t aesthetically pleasing when I wore a bikini.                                                                                         […]