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The Moment of Melting

Letter M is for melting, it’s for “the” moment, and for music.                                                                                       […]

Dating for Martians: The Meandering Conclusion

Is this really the end?                                                                                                       […]

Dating for Martians: The Trail of Gentlemen Callers

I was indifferent to their education, career, financial status, and even mental status, if it came to a man I found exciting.                                                                   […]

Dating for Martians: The Tally

Dating profile: I like speed, as in velocity. And a man who is dangerous but good.                                                                               […]

The Chase

An homage (part 1).                                                                                                       […]

The Romance with Mulholland Drive

I click high beams on and off around blind curves to warn other cars: I am coming, and I am coming fast.                                                                   […]

A Love Letter

What else was there to do at a retail store where I worked except type love poems to my live-in boyfriend?                                                                     […]

Dating for Martians: Does Online Dating Mean Defeat?

The extent of my domestic dream equals having my own washer and dryer.                                                                                     […]

Dating for Martians (Part I)

Attraction is an uncomplicated formula.                                                                                                     […]


Give me unrequited love over requited apathy any day.                                                                                             […]