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The Middle-Aged Teenager

You have never fit.                                                                                                       […]

Geisha Mashup

Peeking through the curtain to see what’s out there.                                                                                             […]

City Girl, City Brain

There’s a freaked-out, big-eyed child sitting in the back of a cavernous Checker cab, thinking she’s going to be left with nothing.                                                                   […]


Release from what, silly girl, there is nothing wrong.                                                                                             […]

Duct Tape for the Ego

Bring me cookies, I’ll be under the covers.                                                                                               […]

Is “Never Give Up” a Wise Message?

It’s as if a collective will is at work to keep you a nobody and prevent you from penetrating the force field of mass unconsciousness.                                                             […]

Is Dreaming for Suckers?

Contrary to what we collectively conspire to believe, there’s no expiration date on achievement.”                                                                                   […]