Category Humor

Die Cellulite, Die

C is for the worst C-word of all.                                                                                               […]

The Bikini Incident I’m Not Supposed to Write About

Still in my bikini, I skipped barefoot through the grass and flailed my happy arms in the air.                                                                           […]

Geisha Pills

Can I use bread to eat geisha?                                                                                                 […]

Mishaps to Amuse You While My Brain Takes A Sabbatical

I’m pretty sure squid ink coming loose on my skin mid-scrub defeats the purpose of soap.                                                                               […]

Who Are You, I Think I Love You

I bit into a healthy number of apples from the tree of knowledge.                                                                                     […]

The Color of Vanity

Letter V is for vanity’s many faces.                                                                                                 […]

Shooting Sri Lanka

Letter S is for shooting in Sri Lanka — on a crappy cellphone.                                                                                     […]


Letter J is a joke; you’ve been duly warned.                                                                                             […]

Geisha Silver Porn

Letter G is for the Google search terms that led to this blog.                                                                                     […]

Dating for Martians: The Tally

Dating profile: I like speed, as in velocity. And a man who is dangerous but good.                                                                               […]