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My Favorite Fails, Part II

Cartoony victims don’t bleed. My arms assured me I was no cartoon.                                                                                       […]

My Favorite Fails, Part I

I was whimpering into a spoon.                                                                                                   […]

Why the Romantically Disgruntled Have it Good

When people refer to themselves as “single,” their voice drops a little.                                                                                       […]

I Figured Out How to Slow Down Time

Linear time is unnerving because it has “passing” built into it.                                                                                         […]

I Put Time in a Headlock for You

Hold your thanks and applause.                                                                                                     […]

Yours Truly

Y is for yours truly, in defense of selfies.                                                                                             […]

Through My Brain

T is for too many things.                                                                                                   […]

Itemizing One Actor’s Road to Hollywood

I is for items on a helluva twisty road.                                                                                             […]

My Five Encounters with Guns

G is for guns, guns, guns.                                                                                                   […]


D is for a dance-off video.                                                                                                   […]