Category Treasure Hunt

Enough With the Magic Already

Bounty is as easy as a strange berry on a sidewalk bush.                                                                                       […]

Magic Men

From across the deck, the culprit looked up to see the three of us making figure-eights at each other.                                                                         […]

Magic Girls

We were accustomed to living in a supernatural universe.                                                                                             […]

The Truth is, I’m a Cheater

No occasion with anyone was too sacred to keep me from grabbing my phone.                                                                                   […]

Treasure and Dynamite

My moniker consisted of dichotomy, as did my character and life.                                                                                         […]


Z is for my love of nothing.                                                                                                 […]

X Marks the Spot

X is for when I sought vellum and a calligraphy quill fashioned out of a crow’s tail feather from the backyard.                                                                     […]

White World

W is for a whited world.                                                                                                   […]

The View

V is for a view.                                                                                                     […]

Urban Life

U is for an homage to urban life.                                                                                               […]