The View


V is for a view.

Letter V

There’s a meandering dreamscape within these posts, a handful of recurring themes, and the writer’s (my) mood determines the slipping in and out of each. Sometimes, the writer resides in a magic world where even a string of cars in traffic is exalted. Other times, she is in her own head, parsing and navigating the psyche. One day she might conclude she has a lot more to say other than what has to do with herself. But first, she has to get all of herself out.

In the meantime, when she wants to write about fairies, she writes about her little niece, who in part, is a version of herself: curious, analytical, puzzling out wonderment. The need to collect and categorize runs strong in each.

When she visits her niece, she finds herself at the window, sometimes several times a day, capturing the fairyland view below. It’s ever-changing, not simply because of seasons, but the earth’s daily movement.

Lake2     Lake1

Night and DayHer niece’s eyes see this view every day. Her niece’s mind wants to capture and hold the view too.

The picture within a picture, the little fairy presiding over her fairyland.
Picture in Picture

During and after rainfall.

During and after snowfall.

Summer day and spring day.
Day View

Goodnight, fairy.
Sunset View


~ Part of the A to Z Challenge ~
A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Events always real, names always changed.

Cathartic Monkeyism returns in May.

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  1. So, so beautiful 🙂

  2. Paul · · Reply

    Awesome photography GG.


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