Pink Clowns

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P is for Pink Clowns.

Pink Clowns4

Letter P

They took the Exceptionally Tall Man and transformed him into a long, lean clown in pink. But next to him stood a many-faced clown, who at seven feet tall, temporarily usurped the “exceptionally tall” title.

What do eerie carnival music, scary clowns and haunted circuses tap into? If it’s a sense of sickly-sweet creepiness and vaguely romantic sinister play, I can see how the artists came up with this vision of pink carnies.

Pink Clowns1

“Would you still love me if…

 …I had a picture frame growing out of my shoulders?”

Pink Clowns5

Pink Clowns2
The young girl holding the creepy doll was on her ballet toes for most of the day.

Pink Clowns3
One wonders if the placid smile was still present in the third hour of the make-up process.

Watch them all go through the process of transformation in this 35-second video.



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  1. I love it xoxox

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