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N is for New York and home.

There are two factors at play in this post: a visual treasure hunt, and the fact that I’m a cheater. If you’d like to join the treasure hunt, please sign up for emails and you’ll receive details and instructions. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to take the post at face value and check out these pictures I recently took in New York.

Letter N

It’s my loved ones that draw me back to New York. I’m good at not taking things for granted, but sometimes, my visits home are dense and rushed with such a frenzy of joyful emotion that the fact of the city itself is beside the point.

People like to say you’re not present on your vacation if all you’re doing is taking pictures. I say, most of us aren’t present anyway, may as well capture images of moments to trigger a memory or feeling later on. Chances are, you’ll look at the pictures when you’re not present for something else in the future. That’s not meant to be cynical — often, looking through old pictures transports me elsewhere, and some of the time, it’s to a more pleasant state of mind.

Take pictures. Write. They are not sidelines to living. They’re concurrent to life even as they document it. When you take pictures, it forces you not just to see, but to register what you’re seeing.

I traveled to New York twice in the past two months and each time, there was no time for New York expect for the moments I stood still and took pictures.

NY 1Light and reflection: George Washington Bridge, enchanting at dusk. Central Park and its own magical reflection.
NY 2Splashes of color and the backs of buildings clustered together.
NY 6Sunset from north side of the reservoir with a view of 59th street and beyond, spanning to Central Park West.
NY 3Hustle and bustle in the theatre district as pigeons congregate above. A busy Park Avenue through what to my eyes resembles an out of place cornfield.

Jump over to Reflective Surfaces for your next set of sneak peeks into treasure hunt clues.


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  2. Wow…and I’m going to SEE IT ON FRIDAY!

  3. Paul · · Reply

    Great pictures GG,

  4. Really nice images. What do you shoot with? I love taking pictures, just use my iPhone camera

    1. I’m using a cracked Samsung Galaxy 4.

  5. Pigeons on a line are always enchanting to me – mainly because I hardly get to see them anymore unless I’m at the horse barn at my job. For some reason, they love it in there way up on the rafters. 🙂

    1. What’s your job that brings you to horse barns? I would love them way up on the rafters too. Makes perfect sense.

      1. I work in the health center (after a much-needed departmental transfer) at a large residential & day treatment program for at-risk youth which utilizes animal therapy. The campus is a working farm & wildlife facility

      2. Oh wow. That’s a great job for a lot of reasons.

      3. So much better than poisoning my soul in an accounting office

      4. My god, yes.


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