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Letter X was going to be about Generation X.

A to Z entries: My post for each letter of the alphabet will be anecdotes or musings based on an element from the previous letter’s post. Names always changed, events always real.

 ~ Letter W was for Wordlessness, and now for its demonstration in a post that was supposed to be about Gen X-ers. ~

A note about missing posts: If you’re reading the alphabet posts in order and discover missing letters, it likely means I’m revising and incorporating them into bigger pieces for other sites. Over the years, this blog has served my writing as a developmental and exercise space.

I need to phone it in, this X post. I’m airsick. I’m certain I’m green. I would prove it if I had the energy to get up and look in the mirror. Green enough to convince anyone, and myself, that I’m truly too sick to write, and it’s not some case of self-sabotage so close to the end of the alphabet posts.

Boohoo, the lady’s airsick. Because she got to do a sunset-to-sunset trip to the mountains with her snowboard thrown in the back of the little yellow and red Piper Cherokee. Because she got to collect a half dozen new romantic notions about flying, dreams and reality as a magical unreality. You know, as begun in the still-incomplete post, Unreality. Poor little martyr got sicker and sicker looping over Los Angeles, because they had to wait for it to be clear to land in Santa Monica Airport.

We had braved flying next to 14,000 feet mountains and clouds in the dark, yet it was back in Los Angeles with its hot air-pocket turbulence that we got batted around like we were sitting in a balsa-wood plane.

I had my X post vaguely planned out. It was to be about Gen X types — Peter Pan types, past their prime. Namely me. I have a bunch of notes in a file called “The Me Syndrome,” although me me me is more a symptom of Gen Y. But that was the whole point. It was going to be about a Gen X-er trapped in a Gen Y world. Beyond that, I hadn’t thought it out. And now I’m green. I feel far too swirled around to care that this post sucks.

Added later: Here’s the shaky phone footage from the trip. The landing at the end happened half an hour before the writing of this post.


~ Part of the A to Z Challenge ~
A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Cathartic Monkeyism returns in May.

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  1. Paul · · Reply


  2. I feel like throwing up. 😉

  3. jny_jeanpretty · · Reply

    I liked it, think you are brave and very smart.

  4. We’ve all had our moments where we have wanted to phone in our post, rather than type it out. Props to you for getting something in despite feeling so green.

  5. cedrixclarke · · Reply

    Been there. Hope you feel better. 🙂


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