Not A Cat


Adorable baby goat in lieu of the ubiquitous internet cat.

In an effort to promote originality, I’m substituting this adorable baby goat in lieu of the ubiquitous internet cat.

In my last post, I promised I’d come back “in a day or two” with an anecdotal piece about “a boy.” This is day three and life calls, tearing me away from my attentive computer that always laughs at my jokes. Fine, just attentive. But I’m stopping by briefly to be accountable to the two, maybe three of you, who actually read the last post and remember my promise.

To you I say, apologies. The boy post, though delayed, will come.

Everyone else, I urge you to read the previous post and see how I’ve let down those two, maybe three, readers who had surely put their lives on hold in anticipation of the boy post. I’ve failed them, but I won’t fail you! (My computer, who gets me and thinks I’m cute, would be chuckling right now.) I edited the previous post and changed its title for the fifth time.

I did that just for you, since you, um, forgot to read it because the other four titles didn’t make sense to you, maybe?

They definitely didn’t make sense to me. “But all that is solved, so try reading now,” says my computer, who is supportive to a fault. That way you can also show solidarity for those two, maybe three, original readers who shake their heads with the disappointment of unkept promises at this very moment.

EDIT: I kind of hate this post. I’m always tempted to delete it. I leave it because it reminds me of everything I don’t want to do: Frivolous posting just for the sake of making an appearance, making promises I find difficult to keep regarding topics, publishing content I consider inferior — except for the goat, that goat is gold! — and top it all by disappearing for a month. In fairness, I’d disappear again given the same circumstance. I was no longer concerned with the fatuous story I had promised.

Cathartic Monkeyism

  • Be accountable.
  • Promote originality.

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  1. P.J. · · Reply

    Accountable? On a blog? Is that possible? 🙂

    1. I guess if you’ve dug a hole for yourself like I did, by saying in one post that something else is coming in the next post, you have created the venue for accountability. A post I still owe, by the way. It’ll come.

  2. mike · · Reply

    I am not a cat fan so a goat is purrfect.

    1. That baby goat makes me swoon each time.

  3. theanticougar · · Reply

    As a fellow blogger I suggest, “from now on no apologies, no promises.” We all know life gets in the way. Things change, boys come and go, their importance waning from computer keyboard to waste paper basket. As your followers we are hungry for your words, but trust we will get them when we do. We don’t want you to feel guilt or pressure to write, we simply want you to live it big out there so you can come back and share your samplings. So breath out, take the pressure off, and enjoy your friend the computer. And yes, the baby goat, ridiculous.

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